North-West of Normal, South-East of Sane.

Entertain me, fuckers.

Things that should have happened on Penny Dreadful #21

  • Vanessa: Dorian, sit down a moment, would you?
  • Dorian: Why, certainly, Miss Ives.
  • Dorian: ...
  • Dorian: Might I ask why you are all standing around me in a rather ominous circle?
  • Vanessa: Dorian, we didn't want to have to do this, but you forced us to it.
  • Malcolm: This is an intervention.
  • Dorian : Riiiiiight. An intervention about what, exactly?
  • Dorian: Whuh?
  • Brona: You're swanning about with your neck showing every which way. It's very distracting.
  • Brona: The good sort of distracting, but still.
  • Sembene: The first time we met, my eyes were drawn and held by your neck. I could not look away.
  • Sembene: That's never happened to me before.
  • Sembene: It was unsettling.
  • Victor: I've never even met you until today, and yet I am enthralled by that neck. I'm torn between writing a poem about it and wanting to dissect it.
  • Ethan: You know what that neck made me do. That portion of your anatomy is not of this world.
  • Vanessa: In short, that is a neck which must be kept under lock and key and cravat.
  • Malcolm: Thus, for the sake of public decency and just plain good manners -
  • Malcolm: (what kind of gentlemen goes around with his shirt undone like that, honestly, kids today)
  • Malcolm: - we are ordering you TO SHAPE UP AND BUTTON UP.
  • Dorian: ...
  • Dorian: Fair enough.